The Many Advantages of Part Worn Tyres for Clients in Hailsham

The main benefit of our high quality part worn tyres is the financial savings they offer our customers in and around Hailsham. In fact, buying used tyres could save you several hundreds of pounds. Opting for a part worn tyre set is also a great way of getting a high-end example from the likes of Pirelli, Continental and Goodyear for a fraction of the price that it would cost to buy a new tyre set of the same standard.


More Eco-Friendly

Many environmentally-conscious drivers in Hailsham choose part worn tyres for environmental, as well as financial reasons. This is because buying used helps to reduce waste sent to landfill. This could also mean less demand for new tyre production, which in turn would slow down fossil fuel consumption and reduce the harmful effects on the environment.


Reputable Dealer

We always recommend buying part worn tyres through a reputable dealer. In line with UK law, every part worn tyre we have in stock has a tread with a depth of at least 2mm. Each tyre is labelled clearly with the words ‘PART WORN’ in block capital letters.


Any cuts on the surface of each tyre will never be more than 25mm long and each example will be clear of bulges in the rubber. Whereas damaged tyres can cause fatal accidents, our customers in Hailsham know that our tyres are safe.


Potential Disadvantages of Buying Part Worn Tyres

There is a certain level of risk involved in fitting a part worn tyre to your vehicle. Most obvious among these risks is the fact that a used tyre can provide less grip than a new tyre, which in turn could give you less control and affect your braking ability. Yet at Westham Tyres near Hailsham, our experts have great eye for detail and can quickly assess the roadworthiness of any tyre to ensure your absolute safety.


While part worn tyres can save you hundreds of pounds in the short term, they may need replacing much sooner than a new tyre set. Here at Westham Tyres, we get round this by offering each high quality product at an unbeatable price to ensure that our part worn tyres offer true value for money to all clients in Hailsham.


For part worn tyre specialists offering a large stock range and great prices in Hailsham, please call Westham Tyres on 01323 762 266.

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